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Benjamin Harris, Eileen Hathaway, Bernard Cornwell
Pubisher: Shinglepicker Publications
ISBN: 0952278227
An excellent book one of the best of this type of collections from eye witnesses. Easy to read and colourful a great help in bringing this period of history to life with good illustrations a must for anyone interested in this period or a fan of the Sharpe series who wants to get an insight into the real Riflemen of the Napoleonic wars
Andrew Hodges
Pubisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0099116413
Sherborne schoolboy Alan Turing was a brilliant Cambridge mathematician who has been described as the father of the modern computer. He masterminded the cracking of the German Enigma code and was caught up in the secrecy and bureaucracy of World War II and afterwards - continually frustrated in his desire to build a machine which could think, as those with power over him feared both his homosexuality and indiscretion. This is an account of his life, which ended by his own hand.
Perry Anthony
Pubisher: Brewin Books Limited
ISBN: 1858581702
The author has previously written on the Black Country families of Thorneycroft and Fowler in his book "The Fowler Legacy", which was followed by his book on Victorian author Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler "Ellen's Forgotten Mercia". This third book traces Ellen's Bournemouth literary connections.
Harold Pagliaro
Pubisher: Palgrave
ISBN: 0333633237
Henry Fielding: A Literary Life characterizes Fielding's complex personality, in some ways full of contradiction, and yet resolved both by a deep knowledge of human nature, including his own, and by his innate social constructiveness and his gift for friendship and love. The book also details ways in which Fielding's complex attitudes contribute to the subject matter of his plays and novels and to the rhetorical strategies that control their shape as well. It further shows that his work as lawyer, London magistrate, and social and political essayist was similarly informed.
F.E. Halliday
Pubisher: House of Stratus
ISBN: 1842321293
Hardy's belief that 'The ultimate aim of the poet should be to touch our hearts by showing his own,' is endorsed in his own works - whether poetry or prose, his compassion is what lends it greatness. The full appreciation of his work depends on an understanding of his life: they are so inextricably intertwined that they must be treated together. With the refined estimation of an expert, Halliday gives us a remarkable introduction to Hardy's anguished soul and brilliant work.
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