This is a list of the notices that were put in the South Australian News Paper "The Register" between 1836 and 1859 which have a Dorset Connection. These entries were extracted by Jill Morley from. 'Register Personal Notices' Edited By Reg Butler and Alan Phillips and published 1990 by Gould Books in South Australia. Some explanatory notes have been added by Jill Morley.
  • Volume 1 (1836 - 1859)
  • Volume 2 (1860 - 1865)
  • Volume 3 (1866 - 1870)
  • It should be noted that these entries, with one exception, are only those which explicitly mention the county of Dorset. There will of be course be entries for other Dorset immigrants and there are descendants of some of these people listed but one would have to study these three books thoroughly. Copies of these and other Australian Genealogy books can be obtained from Gould Genealogy in South Australia at:

    Gould Genealogy
    PO Box 675,
    Modbury, SA, 5092,



    Volume 1

    Page Type Date Text
    143 Death 14 Oct 1853 Fanny Elizabeth dau of Mr George Howard Lockyer of Poole
    144 Death 11 Nov 1853 Frances Ellen only daughter of the late Mr. Joseph Tite of Beaminster Dorset
    158 Marriage 17 Feb 1855 On the 15th Feb between George Proud late of Cumberland to Jane Cox daughter of Mr. Charles Cox late of Dorset.
    178 Marriage 22 May 1856 Mr. William Pavey to Lydia daughter of GP Hamond Esq. late of Sherborne Dorset.
    192 Marriage 30 Oct 1857 On the 27th Mr. Ephrain Coombe of Gawler Town late of Devonshire to Miss Mary Lock late of Dorsetshire.
    178 Marriage 17 Oct 1856 On the 14th by the Rev W R Squibb Mr. Edwin Hall to Miss Anna Broadway third daughter of Mr. W. Broadway of Motcombe.
    222 Death 6 Mar 1844 On Monday 15 Jan at the age of 28 Richard Penny esq.: District surgeon of Port Lincoln, native of Poole Dorset. (Arrived in Aust 1840 on the Lalla Rookh)
    263 Death 31 Jan 1854 On the 28th Mary Daughter of Mr. George Vincent late of Dorchester Dorset age 29.
    296 Death 21 Nov 1856 On the 31st Oct at his residence Sandridge Victoria, William Samuel Fooks formerly of Weymouth Dorset age 47 years.
    164 Marriage 2 Aug 1855 On the 30th July at St. Johns Church, Martha Francis, eldest daughter of the late Mr. William Morey, West Hill Farm, near Sherborne, Dorset to Charles, eighth son of Henry Temple, Esq. of Fishers St. Sandwich Kent.
    134 Marriage 19 Jun 1852 On Thursday 17th June Adelaide, Mr. A H Gouge only son of the Rev James Gouge, Polesworth, Warwick to Mary Anne, relict of the late Capt. David Walsh late of Dorset.
    187 Marriage 2 Jan 1857 On Wed 31st Dec, Gawler Town, William Riggs of Winfrith Newbury to Martha, eldest daughter of Mr. Charles Frake, late of Blandford Dorset.
    186 Marriage 30 May 1857 On the 13th May at St. John's Church Mr. William Roberts Bristowe of Poole Dorset, to Georgiana Maria only child of Mr. G Pulford builder of Norwood.
    191 Marriage 29 Sep 1857 On the 26th Sep at Uley, Gawler Hills. Mr. Thomas Garlick to Miss Mary Berjew fourth daughter of Mr. Charles Berjew of Hermitage Dorset.
    263 Death 31 Jan 1854 On the 28th Jan Mary wife of Mr. George Vincent of Weymouth St. Adelaide. Late of Dorchester Dorset aged 29 years.
    272 Death 23 Sep 1854 On the 6th Aug at Hastings, Mary Ann wife of Isaac Fryer, of Kinson Dorset, esq. the eldest daughter of the late Thomas Moulden esq. of Statenborough House Kent.
    294 Death 25 Oct 1856 On Tuesday Oct 21 at the residence of Mr. Thos W Lawton, Bowden.(Suburb Of Adelaide not a name) Mrs. Susanna Mahey, widow, late of Weymouth Dorset age 76 years, for nearly 60 years a member of the Weslayan Church.
    137 Marriage 18 Dec 1852 At Christchurch on Tuesday the 16 Dec Henry Gilbert of North Adelaide to Mary Louisa Cope, late of Wareham Dorset.
    221 Death 10 Sep 1842 Mr. George Edward Hussey of Hindley St. Adelaide Late of Poole, left wife and 4 children.
    175 Marriage 9 Aug 1866 On the 6th Aug at Kensington (my note: eastern Suburb of Adelaide) Mr. John Hatcher to Miss Martha Eyers both of Yankallia late of Child Okeford Dorset.( note: Yankallia is South of Adelaide near Victor Harbour)
    269 Death 22 Aug 1854 On the 20th at Bowden Mr. Robert Dare, late of Sturminster Newton Dorset, age 72.
    329 Death 15 Aug 1859 On the 15 Aug at his residence Currie St. West. Mr. Robert Poole youngest son of James Poole Esq. Sherborne Dorset, age 34 yrs. (Currie St. is in the center of Adelaide)

    Volume 2

    35 Birth 21 Dec 1861 WHITE- on the 20th Oct at the Elms Hillbutts, near Wimborne Dorset Mrs Samuel White White of a son. (note: White was repeated)
    115 Marriage 7 Jan 1861 SQUIRES-WHITE- On the 2nd Jan at Butaloo near Crystal Brook William Herbert Squires, third son of the late Richard Squires Esq., of Liverpool to Elizabeth Hogen White fifth daughter of Samuel Whit White Esq. of Farncombe, Godalming Surrey and Charlton Marshall Dorset.
    333 Death 9 Sep 1865 HARVEY- on the 2nd at his residence, Lefevre's Peninsula, Mr. Samuel Harvey, late of Weymouth Dorset aged 64. ( note: As I hail from this area I can tell you Harvey researchers that there are two cemeteries he could be buried in, The old Alberton, or Cheltenham Cemetery. This Peninsular is small runs from Port Adelaide to the outer Harbour, The Maritime Museum in Lipson Street Port Adelaide, 5015, holds shipping records for the people entering the Port. You can obtain a copy for any name they have on record or a list of a Surname by posting a return mail coupon, and usually 50cents a printed page I suggest if your name is common better send more then 50cents other wise they might not answer.also make sure you give them a time period. I have found a lot of people this way.)
    114 Marriages 3 Dec 1860 JOYCE-BENNETT- on the 29th Nov, at Strathalbyn, William, eldest son of Mr. Stephen Joyce of Spring Valley, near Sandergrove to Mary Ann Bennett only daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Stephen Cozens of Sherborne Dorset. (note: I have a print out of all the Bennetts not Bennett, births in South Australia pre 1900. If you are a Bennetts I will look for you. Please only if you are Bennetts.)
    92 Birth 14 July 1865 WHITE - On the 6th May, at Hill Butts Wimborne Dorsetshire, the wife of Samuel Wjite White Esq. of a daughter.
    107 Marriage 14 June 1860 SCOTT - COX -on the 19th Jan by the father of the bride Francis Scott, esquire surgeon of Bridport, son Of T E Scott Esq. of Crondall, Hampshire and Brother of Messrs C M Scott of Yankalilla, and GS Scott, Tatiara, to Louisa, second daughter of the Rev J. S. Cox MA, Rector of the Little Cheney Dorsetshire. (note: Yankalilla is a small town about 50 miles South of Adelaide near Victor Harbour)
    139 Marriage 7 May 1862 AMES-DAVIS- On the 3rd May at Springbank, Henry second son of Mr. Thomas Ames of Okeford Dorsetshire, to Elizabeth second daughter of Mr. John Davis late of Scotts Creek, Cherry Gardens. (Note: Cherry Gardens is in the Adelaide Hills about 15 Miles form Adelaide this is a very, very, pretty place)
    236 Death 12 Nov 1860 EVANS- On the 4 Sep Charlotte wife of Thomas Browne Evans Esq, of Uddens Park Wimborne Dorsetshire, and mother of the Rev. Fitzwilliam Evans of St. Margarets. (Note: St. Margarets Church is situated on the corner of Woodville Road and the Port Road at Woodville which is a Suburb of Adelaide. The Port Road runs from the city to Port Adelaide about 7 Miles long. The Church is still there and is very beautiful.((This is all making me homesick for my old haunting grounds))
    241 Death 8 Feb 1861 SCHOLLAROn the 6th Feb, at Melcombe Farm, after a long illness Richard SCHOLLAR only son of the late Richard Schollar of Portland, near Weymouth and Melcombe Regis Dorset age 57
    249 Death 28 Aug 1861 MILLS - On the 24th August at Normanville South Australia of Colonial Fever, Anne the wife of Mr. George John Mills late of Poole Dorsetshire age 50. (Note: I tried to find out what Colonial Fever was but had no success, Normanville is near Yankalilla)
    158 Marriage 25 May 1863 KING-BERJEW - On the 8th April at St. Paul's Church, Stanley, Circular Head. Mr. James George King, youngest son of the late John King Esq. to Jane Catherine Robinson, eldest daughter of Mr. John Berjew, and Granddaughter of the Late Charles Berjew Esq. Hermitage Dorseshire.
    245 Death 3 May 1861 FOOKS- on the 17th Feb at her Res, Sandridge, Victoria, Maria Jane Widow of the late William Samuel Fooks formerly of Weymouth Dorset age 55 years.
    259 death 14 Mar 1862 POOLE- On the 27th Dec 1861 at his residence Sherborne, Dorsetshire, England. James Poole Esq. father of J. B. Poole, Surveyor of this city. ( note: What an honor!!!! to have a member of your tree a Surveyor of Adelaide. Especially if you are a 'crow eater' (South Australian) Charles Sturt recommended the new colony of South Australia to England, Governor Hindmarsh proclaimed it on the 28th Dec 1836 under the Old Gum Tree which is situated at Mcfarlane Street, Glenelg, Colonel William Light, planned Adelaide and it looks like J. B. Poole was one of, if not, the Surveyor) I also looked up his death for the Poole tree Makers.
    279 Death 13 Sep 1869 POOLE- on the 12 Sep at his residence, Sturt Street, Mr. J. B. Poole, engineer and surveyor age 47, after a long an painful illness.
    325 Death 14 Apr 1865 HEDDITCH - on the 17th March, at Mount Crawford, Charles Heddiitch, age 49 son of the late Charles Hedditch, of West Stafford, Dorsetshire.

    Volume 3

    184 Marriage 20 Apr 1870 SMITH-POOL- On the 14th April at St. Mary's Church South Road, Edmund Hanson-Smith, second son of the late Rev. Francis Smith, of Rushton Rectory, Dorsetshire and Grandson of the late Sir John Smith, Bart, of the Down House, Dorsetshire, to Sophia Mercilla Pool, eldest surviving daughter of the late George Pool Esq. of Sturt Adelaide.
    305 Death 18 Nov 1870 BARNES- On the 21st Oct, at North Rhine, South Australia, Samuel Charles, eldest son of Samuel Barnes, late of Blandford, Dorsetshire, age 30 yrs. His end was peace. Melbourne papers please copy. (note: suggest there are Barnes in Melbourne Victoria I should think)
    163 Marriage 20 Apr 1869 GERRAND - SCHOLLAR- On the 13th April at Port Adelaide by the Rev James Henderson, John Gerrand Esq. settler, Gippsland. To Jane S. T. Schollar, third daughter of the late Richard Schollar Esq. Dorsetshiire England. (note: I think Gippsland is in Victoria not South Australia Rev Henderson was minister of the Presbyterian Church in St. Vincent Street Port Adelaide, Church was built in 1856)
    166 Marriage 4 Jun 1869 HALL - BROADWAY- On the 3rd June at Gawler, West Chapel, by the Rev. W. Richards, Albert, fourth son of Mr. Edward Hall, farmer, Peach Belt, to Mary youngest daughter of the late Mr. William Broadway, Dorsetshire England. (note: Gawler is about 20 miles North of Adelaide)
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