From Landmark Information Group's free historical maps service. Around 85,000 images are available for viewing using a standard Internet browser.  The maps are dated between 1846 and 1899, and are of 1:10,560 scale. No additional plug-in software is required to view the maps

Since the map sheets are larger than the viewable area on your screen, you will need to pan around the sheet using your browser scrollbars in order to see the entire map. For that reason, our Places Gazetteer shows you the rough direction in which you may need to scroll to see your selected town. e.g. SE illustrates that you should scroll to the lower right sector of the map.

To go directly to the map for any location in Dorset simply click on the first letter of its name in the column on the left.  Not all locations are listed in the index. If the town or village you are looking for is not listed, then try an adjacent town or village and use the sites navigation to locate the one of interest

To find out more about Landmark Information Group and the services they can offer, please visit their Corporate Web Site. If you find these historic maps useful, and would like to order an authentic-looking A3 decorative map, centred on the site of your choice, you can find out more by visiting the Decorative Maps page on the Landmark Information Group corporate web site.

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