St. James Church, Alderholt Alderholt is located on the heath lands which border the New Forest. Until recently it was a small and scattered village. Now modern houses fill the gaps between the small farmhouses and cottages of the 18th and 19th century. The area has never been very good farming land so there was very little medieval occupation

The centre of the village is mostly early 20th century with lots of trees and wide verges.In former times, there was a chapel in Alderholt dedicated to St. Clement, but that was destroyed, and now no trace of it remains.

Alderholt was part of the parish of Cranborne, until the Marquis of Salisbury built the present church which was consecrated in 1849. Built from brown heath stone with stepped gables and triangular-headed windows the nave survives from that date. Repairs and alterations were carried out in 1885. The present bell was purchased in 1887 to celebrate Queen Victoria's Jubilee Year, though not hung in its present position till 1889. The chancel being built in 1922. Inside the church is rather barn-like, but contains an elegant, if austere, pulpit.

To the south-west of Alderholt is Cranborne Common, a wet heath land reserve, accessible by footpaths

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