The Village Pond, Ashmore, Dorset

Situated right on the borders with Wiltshire, Ashmore is one of the highest villages in Dorset, standing some 700 feet above sea level. The village stands on a Romano-British site centered around a large pond. The Roman road from Badbury Rings to Bath passes through the parish.

The parish church of St. Nicholas was rebuilt and dedicated in 1874. It's chancel arch however dates from the 13th century having been incorporated into the new building.

The Manor Farm is an attractive building, parts of which are medieval, with one addition, a Wesleyan meeting room built in the early 19th century.

There is a well here, with an ash tree growing above it, called Washers Pit. Two stories are connected with it, one telling of a White Lady who haunts the well and the nearby road, and the other recounting how the cook from the big house had a prophetic dream and rode out to this spot, coming in time to save a lady dressed in white who was hanging from the ash tree.

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