Literally the Bean Field from the Old English bean and feld, Benville is a  small community stretched out along Benville Lane in the parish of Corscombe. Consisting of Benville Manor, The Talbot Arms public house and a few scattered cottages.

In 1620 Benville Manor was purchased by the recusant, (Roman Catholic), Brereton sisters, Elizabeth and Winifred. Whilst it was illegal at this time to be Catholic the locals seem to have looked the other way. However in October 1626 it was learned that a troop of soldiers who had been drinking at the Swan Inn at nearby Evershot were planning to vist the manor 'to fetch out a seminary priest'.

Nine troopers some what the worse for drink duly arrived and besieged the house threatening to kill everyone there. Winifred Brereton with great presence of mind wrapped several gold coins in a cloth and threw them out of the window at the attackers feet. As soon as they realised what the cloth contained they were off to the nearest inn at Rampisham to continue their drinking, and peace was restored to Benville Manor

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