The East Dorset town of Boscombe lies between Bournemouth and Christchurch and is usually considered to be an eastern suburb of Bournemouth. Although it may be administratively part of Bournemouth it still retains its unique identity and distinct history.

Like its neighbour, Boscombe is a relatively new town. Founded in the mid 19th century around the manor house, which from 1851 was the home of Sir Percy Florence Shelley, the son of the Poet. Today it contains a small museum to the Shelleys and the rest of the building is part of the Art School.

From 1868, with the discovery of a mineral spring, attempts were made to turn Boscombe into a spa. At the bottom of the chine is Boscombe pier, rebuilt in the 1950's. The rest of the seafront being uniformly late Victorian

There are two noteworthy churches in Boscombe. Corpus Christi is a brick built church from 1880 with an odd tower of 1932. By far the better church is St. Clements, designed by J.D.Sedding in 1871 with a tower added in 1890. The tower is pretty with an unusual top, and the west side has a large window with very unusual Art Nouveau tracery.

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