Jane Austen found this West Dorset village a nice place for 'sitting in unwearied contemplation', but that was when the predecessor of the A35 echoed only with the hard melodies of coach wheels and horses hooves. Perhaps peace and quiet will again return to the village with the recent completion of a bypass.

The village is situated in one of the few gaps in the hills which break into the cliffs between Lyme Regis and Bridport. The village street is lined with a wealth of thatched roofs and Regency bow-fronts. The oldest pub is the Queen's Armes. When Catherine of Aragon stayed there in 150, it was still a private house, built for the abbot of Forde. By 1651, when Prince Charles was looking for a fast boat to the continent it had shed all inhibitions and become an hostelry.

Charmouth along with its neighbor to the west Lyme Regis is known the world over for its abundance of fossilized remains, many of which can be found by simply taking a stroll along the beach. If you have an interest in the Geology of the area, I can recommend Graeme Caselton's Fossil Collector page, where you will find not only pictures of Charmouth's fossils, but full details of the areas geological make-up

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