In the 1560's the then vicar of Child Okeford composed the hymn, The Old Hundredth, which was to become one of the most famous in the English language. Probably better known from its first line 'All people that on earth do dwell', than from its title.

The only part of the church surviving from that time is the tower, made from large blocks of the local greensand stone. The remainder of the church dating from the period between 1850 and 1879. In 1911 the chancel was lined with patterns of marble, producing an effect something like a 1930's bathroom.

Child Okeford is a big village with many trees, there are several modern estates and many 19th century houses. There are also some good 18th century houses and several Victorian farm buildings near the church mainly built from brick.

A more recent inhabitant of Child Okeford was the popular children's puppet Sooty, whose creator Harry Corbett was once based in the village. Sooty is the longest running children's television show on British television

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