The village of Colehill has today become a large rural-looking suburb of Wimborne and is mostly modern. It was however first recorded as Colhulle in 1431, then Colhill 1518, Collehill1547 and finally Colehill in 1578.

The most suprising feature in Colehill is the church of St. Michael.  Designed by Caröe in 1893 its brick and half timbered style is totally alien to Dorset and is one of those buildings which either delight or irritate the beholder.

The Barley Mow is a part thatched two-storey inn probably built originally as a drover's cottage around the 16th century.

God's Blessing Lane in Colehill is so named, it is said, because Cromwell's men, who were billeted near by, were blessed before the siege of Corfe Castle.

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