The village of Coombe Keynes still has a lot of thatched cottages, some in a mixture of grey limestone, dark brown heathstone and brick, randomly arranged in the 18th century and more formally in the early 19th century. There are are several farmyards that have more recently been converted to dwellings.

The little, now redundant, church of the Holy Rood was designed by John Hicks in 1861. In his design only the medieval tower was preserved from the previous building. Hicks' masonry is far more organized than the medieval.

Readers familiar with Dorset place names may have noticed the similarity between the place names of Coombe Keynes and Tarrant Keyneston. This is no coincidence as both manors were held in the 12th century by the Norman family of de Cahaignes, though the name had Anglicized itself to Kaynes by 1200. In fact, 'Combe Kaynes' was the spelling until the last century, indicating that the correct pronunciation is to rhyme with 'lanes' rather than 'leans'.

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