The Memorial Stone to RAF WarmwellCrossways is a new village about 6 miles east of Dorchester. The village, prior to the 1930ís was just a cluster of farms and cottages. 

The Air Ministry acquired local heath and farmland to build an airfield. This was completed in 1937 and was known as RAF Woodsford although it was renamed RAF Warmwell a year later. It played an important part in World War 2 being a major fighter base during the Battle of Britain and offering fighter protection for Portland Naval Base and other important south coast areas.

In the years following the closure of the airfield in 1946 the runways and operational areas gradually disappeared as a result of the extraction of valuable sand and gravel by various mineral companies. This industry continues today together with farming.

The Crossways area also provides several locations for tourists to enjoy this area of Dorset - in the heart of the countryside and so close to the coast.

The early 1970ís saw a great growth of the village as Dorset County Council began a major building programme to satisfy local housing needs. At the same time local developers began to build private housing and Crossways began to grow.

In 1983 it was awarded Parish status. Unfortunately, the residential building did not include any facilities that other villages have and to this day Crossways does not have a pub or school.

The village is about 1.5miles south of Moreton railway station and is served by a reasonable bus service, which runs from Dorchester to Bovington several times each day.

Jacci Hann


For further information on the formation of Crossways check out 'Whitehall Gives Village a Boost'. A contemporary article from The Dorset Evening Echo

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