East Holme is a tiny village, with a few plain cottages close to the ford. Holme Priory and the church of St, John the Evangelist standing rather apart from the rest of the village. The footpath across the park to the church is signposted and crosses in front of the priory, a fine late 18th century house, built on the site of a former, small Cluniac priory.

Following the dissolution the Priory church survived as the parish church until 1715. A new parish church was built in 1865 to the designs of John Hicks, and is one of his more elaborate churches. Now it has a faintly seedy air, which somehow suits this fine example of high Victorian taste. Built from local materials - dark brown heathstone quarried close by, With a Purbeck limestone roof, and Purbeck Marble shafts inside,

The painted decoration inside the church is by Miss Selina Bond of the Priory: and the well known local family. Selina's daughter was the second baby to be christened in the new church, it churchwarden for 46 years and organist for 70

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