The parish of East Stoke sprawls across the wide flat valley of the River Frome, but most of the small settlement is along the main road between Wool and Wareham.

The little Victorian church of St. Mary has now been converted to a private house and the Victorian Rectory turned into a small and welcoming country house hotel, surrounded by unspoilt Dorset countryside, overlooking the Frome Valley. Newman and Pevsner note that "1828 is the date, and everything tells it" (p. 197). The original Church in this parish was located much closer to the River Frome. The ruins of this ancient Church still exist in a circular copse, although they are much overgrown.

The National Environmental Research Council, (NERC), maintains its River Laboratory on the Frome at East Stoke, part of the Institute of Freshwater Ecology (IFE), forms a core component of the Terrestrial and Freshwater Directorate. River Laboratory carries out research and consultancy studies in freshwater environments on an independent basis.

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