Frome Vauchurch is a village of two parts.

Lower Frome Vauchurch is a small collection of cottages clustered around the small parish church and the old vicarage, a building which seems far to grand to have simply been the abode of the priest in charge of this tiny church.

The other part of the parish is Higher Frome Vauchurch, basically an extension of Maiden Newton along the Crewkerne road, and where most of the residents will even tell you that they live in Maiden Newton despite the sign as you enter the village informing you of the fact.

Frome Vauchurch and Maiden Newton were the villages of my youth, the first being where I lived and the second where I attended junior school before transferring to the local comprehensive school at Beaminster.

As a small boy, growing up, I was unaware that the two strange old ladies who lived down by the river were probably Frome Vauchurch's most famous residents. These two old ladies were the author Sylvia Townsend Warner, (1893-1978) and her lover and poet Valentine Ackland (1906-1969) who came to the village in 1937 and stayed until their deaths.

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