Beside the 14th century church, which dominates Hazelbury Bryan, are dwellings some 400 years old. Miss Violet Cross from the Manor House, a benefactor of the church, gave these dwellings restored in 1939 - to provide homes for widows and daughters of the clergy.

One thing is quickly obvious, the church has been cared for by loving hands. The beautiful lych-gate, with carved crucifix, was the work of Mr. R.G. Parsons of Dewlish, and it won an award from the Civic Trust in 1969. The same craftsman made the heavy paneled oaken vestment chest at the back of the church. Another fine worker in wood, Henry Spicer, who died in 1947, carved the lectern, from black oak that had originally been piles in Emperor Hadrian's Bridge at Newcastle on Tyne. Experts say this wood must have been a tree when Jesus was on earth. In the little vestry are photographs of these men, together with clergy past and present, line the walls. The nave still has an ancient timbered roof and the bell ringers platform is above the vestry. Ringers toil at the ropes in view of the congregation.

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