Farm Cottage at Lower Kingcombe, DorsetHigher and Lower Kingcombe are hamlets on the River Hooke between Toller Porcorum and Hooke.

There are only a few cottages, and at Lower Kingcombe a famous nature reserve and conservation centre.

In 1918 the then tenant of Lower Kingcombe Farm, John Walbridge, bought the 446 acre farm from the Earl of Sandwich, when it was described as 'a famous dairy farm noted for its Dorset Blue Cheese and Butter'. The hedgerows, fields and hay meadows remained miraculously intact, unsprayed and untouched by artificial fertilizers. The last of the Walbridge's, Arthur, died on Christmas Day in 1985 and shortly afterwards the entire estate was bought by a London property speculator, who in turn promptly broke it up into lots and put it out to auction. Local concern turned to national outcry as Lower Kingcombe's importance became known. The Dorset Trust for Nature Conservation launched a world-wide appeal, and with the 320,000 raised successfully bought 327 acres.

There are some fascinating walks to be had around the reserve, giving a glimpse of a landscape, filled with the flora and fauna so often only associated with England's past.

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