The ruin of a 14th Century church in the centre of a pagan earth circle, built in the Bronze Age, makes Knowlton unique. It is located about 2 miles south of Cranborne and 6 miles north of Wimborne, Knowlton was once a thriving village and the capital of a Saxon Hundred. Today it can scarcely be called a hamlet in the parish of Woodlands. Its name simply means a tun by a knoll.

Knowlton is part of the ancient complex of Knowlton Rings, which consisting of 4 earthworks: the North Circle, Church Circle, Southern Circle, and the 'Old Churchyard'. In addition to these sites, to the east of the Church Circle is the Great Barrow, the largest round barrow in Dorset. Within a one mile radius of these earthworks there are also a large number of barrows and ring-ditches.

In recent years considerable work has been carried out by the School of Conservation Sciences at Bournemouth University and for additional information I would refer you to 'Research at the Knowlton henge complex' published on the Web by Steve Burrow.

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