The centre of the village of Langton Herring is remarkably unspoilt. Almost all of the buildings are constructed of the local yellow stone. Many of the existing buildings date from the 19th century, but a few 18th century thatched cottages still survive, some with there thatch still intact.

The church of St. Peter has the smallest possible tower, probably dating from the 18th century. The remainder of the church is medieval but rather disguised by the 19th century restoration.

To the north, were the road to the village leave the Weymouth to Abbotsbury road is Langton Cross where you can see a fine old Latin cross. The cross was hewn from a single block of Portland Ridgeway stone and firmly embedded in the ground. Probably dating from the 14th century this ancient cross lies on the direct route from the port of Weymouth to the Monastery at Abbotsbury and may have been a marker for pilgrims.

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