A mile or so beyond Little Bredy, the westbound visitor is confronted by the white west front of the great house of Kingston Russell as he enters Long Bredy. This is the medieval seat of the Duke of Bedford's ancestors.

John Russell, the first Duke, served Henry VII and Henry VIII well and died a very rich man, acquiring a great deal of land including the great Abbey of Woburn, where the great house was built to become the home of the Russell's. Today Woburn is one of the country's stately homes, open to the public, and a leading tourist attraction.

It may seem like an anti-climax to tell that Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy (Nelson's Hardy) was born at Kingston Russell House in 1769. Incidentally, Kingston Russell House is not open to the public.

St. Peters Church, in the Early English style serves a parish of about 2000 acres and hides amongst the trees. Amongst the rectors was the Rev. Ironside who lived to the age of 90 and died on the same day as his wife.

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