Lytchett Matravers has a few thatched cottages, but most of this large village is of recent origin. The almost completely medieval church of St. Mary lies alone in the fields well outside the village. This is due to the wiping out of the old village during the Black Death. The new village was built well away from the plague area.

Sir John Maltravers, who died here in 1365, is said to be buried in full Armour in a tomb beneath the North Aisle. His epitaph claims he was a good knight in war and peace. He was however a man who in his day was one of the most powerful in England, and who murdered his King, Edward II, in a most horrible way.

Sir John and Sir Thomas de Berkley were appointed to guard Edward II, imprisoned at Berkley Castle. During the absence of Sir Thomas, as Highden tells us, "Edward was most ignominiously slain with a red hot spit thrust into the anus". It is believed that a spit was employed to avoid any signs of external injury. On the accession of Edward III Sir John fled to Flanders but was later pardoned and returned to his estates in Dorset.

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