Overlooking the Blackmore Vale, Marnhull is another of those Dorset villages best known because of its Hardy fictional connections, although it was home for the British long before the birth of Christ.

It gained its name from a Saxon called Mearna, who few have heard of, but as Marlott - the home of Tess of the D'Urbervilles it draws thousands of visitors each year. The Manor House, Tudor style was given to Katherine Parr, the wife of Henry VIII who survived him.

Violence amongst sporting spectators was astir long before football supporters started wrecking opposing teams grounds and cities, to say nothing of their rivals' bodies.

Bull-baiting was held at Marnhull in the 1700s and the spectators fought amongst themselves over the qualities of the animals. These fights were continued in the home villages of the competing bulls and so much damage to property was caused that bull-baiting was stopped in 1763.

An unknown knight in armour lies at rest between both of his wives. The women although of different heights are dressed in identical clothes. Some believe the knight to be Viscount Bindon who died in 1582.

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