Milborne St. Andrew has many facets. Once it was a leading posting place on the Dorchester to Blandford road, and today it has turned its back on the past and looks to industry to provide labour. This ancient village has over 100 men working in small industries.

The Saxons called it Mylen-Burna - the small stream, but you can no longer hear the clack, clack of the mill. The Normans built a church and the village became Mulborne St. Andrew in 1294, but no one seems to know why part of the village is called Milborne Stileham - and that name is 600 years old.

In 1967 the church bells rang out for the first time in 30 years to commemorate the ninth century of the church.

Milborne St. Andrew is the Millpond St. Judes of Thomas Hardy's 'Far From The Madding Crowd'.

In the graveyard a stone records the death of William Rice who died in 1826 at 78 years of age. He was the first man who ever hunted a pack of Roebuck Hounds.

Mock Georgian houses on the hillside have blended well with older properties.

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