Morcombelake sits under Hardown Hill, 4 miles west of Bridport, and has a little chapel-like church of 1841. Moores Biscuit Bakery on the south side of the A35 is the home of the Dorset knob. Dorset knobs were the traditional meal for local farm workers at the start of the day and the company has been making them since 1850. The factory is open to the public and one can walk through the bakery seeing their famous Dorset knobs and other delicious biscuits being made. There is also a small art gallery and shop.

Near the village, overlooking Lyme Bay, is an unobtrusive square stone well enclosed by a wooden fence. This ancient well is dedicated to St Candida, known locally as Saint Wite or 'White', who gave her name also to the village of Whitchurch Canonicorum a few miles away, where there is a shrine to her. It is said that she was a Saxon holy woman, or anchorite, killed by the Danish raiders who ravaged the area in the 8th century. The well has always been known as a healing well, and the water is said to be especially beneficial for sore eyes. When small blue flowers - perhaps the speedwell, perhaps a periwinkle - were found to be growing on the hill, they acquired the nickname 'St Candida's Eyes' in honor of the saint.

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