If T.E. Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia, had not chosen to retire to a cottage at Clouds Hill, in the heart of the Great Heath, Moreton, a peaceful village on the banks of the Frome, would scarcely be known.

Moreton church is full of Daylight and has fine engraved glass chancel windows by Laurence Whistler. The Manor House is the seat of the Framptons, but it is to the cottage at Clouds Hill, now maintained by the National Trust, to which the tourist flock.

The cottage was derelict when T. E. Lawrence rented it in 1923. He repaired the cottage and, with the help of Pioneer-Sergeant Knowles, modified the window in the Book Room to its present form.

Lawrence was a private in the Tank Corps, stationed at nearby Bovington Camp. He needed a room in which to revise the text for the "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" and rented the cottage in 1924. On repairing the cottage he installed some simple furnishings. Lawrence didn't live in the cottage but went there when he was off duty to write and relax. Sometimes he would invite friends along.

In 1925 he rejoined the Air Force and decided to buy the cottage. On being discharged from the Air Force in 1935 he went to live at Clouds Hill. On the 13th of May 1935 he was thrown from his motor-cycle while returning to the cottage from Bovington Camp and died in the camp hospital six days later.

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