Mosterton, not to be confused with Misterton, only two miles north, but across the border in Somerset. Not such an attractive village as many in West Dorset, but situated in lovely countryside.

The church of St. Mary was rebuilt on a new site in 1833. Internally the church is quite plain, being constructed like a chapel with a large gallery. It does however retain its original fittings. There is a startling but good stained glass window. Installed in1975 it includes a combine harvester and a tractor.

Admirals, including Nelson, Rodney, Vernon, Beatty and Blake, are well represented on British inn signs. The Mosterton inn was named after Samuel, Admiral Viscount Hood (1724-1816), one of the distinguished naval family, after whom several battleships have been named. Hoods are recorded at Mosterton from the 16th century and occupied a Georgian house on the site of the New Inn, which was the name of the pub until it was gutted by fire in 1955. Re-built in its original style (and now listed), it was re-named with a fitting sense of history.

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