The Octagonal House In the 1820s a spring in a field by the roadside at Nottington whose waters as far back as 1660 were claimed to have great power to cure all manner of sickness, including Cancer  gained a reputation as a spa.

The increase in popularity of the spring is almost certainly attributable to King George III who with the Queen had visited the spring in June 1791.

As the crowds grew there was increasing demand for a proper spa house and in 1830 the Octagonal House was built over the spring

Two sketches of the site exist, forming a before-and-after pair. The earlier one depicts a crude stone wall suitable for a cattle trough, and the description attached tells how gentlefolk visiting the well would be startled to find that scabby cattle and mangy dogs had been brought in the hopes of sharing a cure.

In the second, (from which the above picture has been extracted), all this has been swept away and replaced by a neat octagonal building of two stories, more like a folly than anything else, with a weathervane in the form of an heraldic pelican. This survives (sans pelican) as a dwelling house.

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