Nestling at the foot of the ancient hill fort of Eggardon, Powerstock is scattered over the hills and dales with its roots embedded before history was recorded.

There is a well here whose water runs red at certain times, because an unfaithful wife was once thrown in and drowned in its waters by her jealous husband; it is either her blood that stains the water, or the red dye of her petticoat.

At another well here, a man drawing water had a fleeting thought of making the pact with the Devil. The Devil appeared, to ask the man if he meant to do it or not; he answered that he must finish drawing water first, but the Devil pushed a burning candle into the water of the well, and as soon as it was extinguished, made off with the man's soul.

The church is perched high on a hill with a green mound, (all that remains of Athelstan's Castle which guarded the valley), dates from Norman times and is built of local stone. On the door inside the south entrance is a beautiful 15th Century carving. The carving shows a king holding a staff and a crowned woman giving bread to children. They are thought to be Good King Wenceslas and St. Elizabeth of Hungary.

In the churchyard east of the path and south of the main door is a very rare survival, a 13th century Dole Table from which in pre-reformation times charitable doles of bread were distributed to the poor.

The Manor House, originally built in 1700 with later additions has been restored.

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