Weymouth harbour, beyond the Westham bridge, is known as Radipole Lake. A peaceful bird sanctuary and home of swans till a scheme to provide work after the First World War sent a road straight through it to the village of Radipole, at the lake's northern end.

Once a pleasant little village, known in early days to the Romans who brought small ships from the sea to a landing near where the present church is sited. This church, with a quaint Italian style bell steeple of three cusped arches, was once the mother church of Melcombe Regis, and must be the oldest building in Weymouth, some of it dating back to 1250.

Radipole, a port long before Weymouth, for centuries tried to hide behind the reeds and rushes of the lake. A great pincer movement of housing estates moved in on two sides and, what was a beautiful village, is now the suburb of an important town.

Amongst the sons of Radipole were Verney Lovatt Cameron who, in 1870, volunteered to find Livingstone - Stanley beat him to it; and Henry Downton, who wrote the hymn Lord her watch thy Church is keeping.

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