The traveler, racing north to Blandford, is apt to take Spetisbury for granted - anther very long village with a narrowing street which impedes his journey.

One of Spetisbury's little inns bore a colorful sign depicting a steam train. That, however, is now a memory because the train, which dropped generations of Spetisbury folk at their own halt right in the village centre, was axed by Dr. Beeching in the 1960's. The inn has now closed and the inn sign removed. An enormous petrol filling station nearby reminds us of today's travel needs.

For those who have time to stop, Spetisbury has one of those magnificent bridges which cross the winding Stour on its journey south. Built in the 15th century, it has nine arches. An earthworks, known as Spetisbury Rings, was a stronghold of Ionia before the Romans came, and Roman and Briton lie side by side in graves dug after some forgotten battle. The church chiefly built of flint has a beautiful pulpit from Stuart times.

Once Spetisbury had an abundance of woodpeckers because it takes its name from speht - woodpecker, and byrig - a fort.

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