Sydling St. Nicholas is an unpretentious village straggling along the little Sydling Water with tiny connecting bridges, to the ancient cottages which line the banks. In the summer the walls are covered with roses and clematis.

There is an old Ham Stone Cross outside the church, which is entered through a gate alongside the Manor House. The church of St. Nicholas was built in the 15th century and rebuilt in the 18th century, it has a fireplace inside the porch where once, villagers sat to hold parish meetings. The font is over 1000 years old and thought to have been carved from an ancient Roman capital. The clock is one of the oldest in England and dates from 1593, it is faceless but strikes the hours.

The school started in 1797, was in use until 1966, and is now a private dwelling. The 1793 bakery and the old brewery are protected buildings, and, yes, Sydling even has a blacksmith and a spreading chestnut tree.

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