The Inn at Symondsbury, DorsetThere is much thatch in the little west Dorset village of Symondsbury, predominantly built of yellow sandstone dwellings, because it is noted for its thatching craftsmen.

Like many other outposts of the county, it has suffered little change in the 20th century, but boasts of having electric light seven years before the town of Bridport. Major Sir Philip Colfox formed the Symondsbury Electric Light Company to illuminate the village, and a local blacksmith made the iron-work fittings.

The church is 14th century, on the site of an earlier building, and the organ was given in memory of the Sweet brothers, Captain Len, who was killed in 1916, and the Rev. George - drowned whilst punting on his honeymoon.

This is cider making country and the rural art was revived when gamekeeper Jack Cook died in the 1970s and left his cider-making press to the villagers. Sir John Colfox helped in its restoration and the delicious juice is now regularly made.

In 1981 the villagers became very angry over the felling of an 80ft. oak tree.

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