The village of Thornford is located approximately 2.5 miles to the south-west of Sherborne and has a small range of facilities, Church of England Primary school, Methodist Chapel, Shop/Post Office, Public House, Garage, modern Village Hall and Cricket Club (set within the recreation ground)

A Conservation area was designated in January 1994 within the historic core of the village incorporating the majority of the 20 historic listed buildings and St. Mary Magdalen Church.

Several open spaces to the north-west of the village are considered to be of sufficient quality to justify additional protection as Land of Local Landscape importance

Thornford Roman Villa site: Excavations were carried out in October 1876 by Prof. J. Buckman and in 1961 further excavations were carried out the report of which was published in the Journal of the Sherborne Historical Society Vol.1 (1964)pp.8-13.The excavations are no longer visible having been covered to protect the site.

Development of new homes has been limited to areas within the current Defined Development Boundaries and infill sites in the village.

There are a number of Public Rights of Way for people to walk and enjoy the surrounding countryside .

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