The village of Walditch, just outside Bridport, consists of a lot of modern development, but has some good stone cottages, some of which still have hood moulds around the windows. There are also some rather overpowering Victorian buildings.

The little church of St. Mary was totally rebuilt in 1863.

Just along the road to the west of the church is a large chapel-like building, which was built as an Real (or Royal) tennis court which is being restored. It belongs to the large mock-Tudor house next door, which, built in 1853, has large stone gate pillars opening onto a nice park and avenue.

The Hyde House Tennis Court was built for Joseph Gundry in 1885 from beautiful Dorset ham stone in order to entertain the Prince of Wales who was a Real Tennis fanatic. The Court was used until the First World War, since then it has been used for a vehicle repair shed as well as an agricultural building. The grandson of the original owner died in 1995, leaving the Court in his Will to the Bridport and West Dorset Sports Trust Ltd, which is a registered Charity and runs the existing Leisure Centre in Bridport.

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