Warmwell borrowed some of Hardy's Heath during the last war to become a forward aerodrome for fighter aircraft, thus conserving fuel for squadrons flying into battles over the Channel.

The Warmwell crossroads, now an island sorting out the Wareham traffic bound for Dorchester or Weymouth, was one of the worst accident black spots in the county in the early days of motoring. The village, hiding in a dip, is unpretentious with a 700 year old church containing a font in which Norman children were baptized.

The records of Warmwell chronicle that John Sadler, who lived in the fine 17th century Manor House, prophesied on his deathbed before witnesses, of 'dark days coming on'. He spoke of a plague in London, a great fire, and three ships landing in the west which would cause uproar. All these things came true, the Great Plague, followed by the Fire of London and three ships which landed with Monmouth at Lyme Regis.

The village gets its name from a well of tepid water and has a churchyard which is almost a monument to war, being filled with tombstones of German and Italian prisoners of war who worked here, and RAF fighter pilots who took off from the airfield, never to return. All are remembered.

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