The Harbour, West Bay, DorsetOriginally known as Bridport Harbour, its name was changed to West Bay by the Great Western Railway in 1884 when the railway, (long since gone), was extended from Bridport to the coast. The name change was meant to distinguish it from the town and suggest a holiday resort, (which it is today), rather than a small working port.

The first harbour or 'haven', was built in the 14th century, but its fortunes fluctuated - pirates, plague, storms and a lack of funds leading on writer to describe it as not deserving 'the name of port'. The growth of Bridport as a rope and net-making centre led to the harbor's gradual improvement. The River Brit was diverted, piers and wharves constructed leading up to its most prosperous period in the early 19th century

Today, a few fishing boats and small sailing boats use the harbour, but because it is so exposed, and the piers guarding the entrance are only 60 feet apart, it is as difficult to leave as it is to enter in all but the calmest weather.

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