The small village of West Stour is located about half-way between the village of Henstridge in Somerset and the old abbey town of Shaftesbury, and is part of a group of villages known collectively as 'The Stours', which consists of the villages of West Stour, East Stour, and Stour Provost, and are so named because the river Stour passes within a close distance of all of them.

Located about half-way down the side of Stour Hill, there has been a settlement here for many hundreds of years, but today the hamlet consists of approximately 50-60 houses clustered around the only street in the town, Church Street.

The limestone church of St. Mary is  located about two-thirds of the way through the village on a prominent little knoll. The church dates back to about the 13th century but the tower and nave were rebuilt in 1840. The church is still in use today, although services are split between the villages of the Stour group.

The village is a very quiet place; one of the first impressions you get on arriving here is the lack of man-made noise. Apart from the occasional car and farm traffic, there is no road traffic through the village at all.  The most prominent noise in the village is the birdsong!

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