Winterbourne Steepleton consists of several 17th and 18th century thatched cottages built of stone, or stone with flint banding, with a few larger later houses, and a Manor Farm at the west end which is 16th-18th century and very fine. The 18th century mill retains its wheel.

The church of St Michael has re-set inside a carving of an uncomfortable-looking angel, an important piece dating from the first half of the 11th century. The nave of the present church retains the corners of the pre-Conquest church to which the angel belonged. The characteristic long and short stones on the corners can be best seen on the north-west. The nave was rebuilt in the 12th century - the doorways survive. The 5th century chancel has a rather odd arch, rebuilt in the 18th century. The pretty if squat steeple and pinnacles on top of the 14th century tower probably date from the 18th century, although the Steepleton part of the village name implies that there was a medieval steeple. Fine woodwork includes the pulpit with 17th century carved panels, the main door of c. 1700 and the west gallery dated 1708.


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