Glanville's Wootton or Wootton Glanville in the Blackmore Vale has lots of trees, but most of the houses are recent or 19th century. The church of St. Mary has a short 14th century tower, but the nave and chancel date mainly from the 1876 restoration. The earliest, and best, part of the church is the south chapel, endowed as a chantry chapel in 1344.

Charles William Dale [1791-1872] who lived in the village was on of the most eminent Victorian entomologists. He had the distinction of adding a new butterfly to the British list. He was the first to record Thymelicus acteon, (the Lulworth Skipper), after capturing his first specimen at Durdle Door in 1832. He was also a parochial naturalist of the finest order and painstakingly collected records of all forms of wildlife in the parish. His History of Glanville's Wootton [1878] is not all that it seems, for the most part it is a list of the thousands of insects that he had collected.

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