Worbarrow BayThe Stretch of coast from Osmington to Warbarrow is described by many as the most beatiful in Dorset. Worbarrow is an outstandingly beautiful deep-water bay, ringed by cliffs of wealden marl and sandstone which, after rain, can glow with red, orange, yellow and purple when the sun is low in the west.

The large conical hill which provides good views to both east and west is the obious source of the places name. First recorded as Wyrebarowe in 1462, Wyrbarrow 1500, Worthbarrow 1575 and in 1841 as Warbarrow Tout. The name means 'hill where watch was kept', from the Old English weard and beorg, which tends to be confirmed by the later addition of Tout meaning 'look-out hill' from the Old English tote.

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