Wynford Eagle lies between two chalk ridges to the south west of Maiden Newton. This small hamlet is particularly empty in the centre, with meadows between the few buildings.

The manor house, rebuilt in 1630, has a most impressive west front topped by a large stone eagle. It was the home of Sydenham family in the 16th and 17th centuries. The most famous of whom was Thomas Sydenham, hero of the Civil War and Father of English Medicine. The last of the Sydenhams however died in Dorchester Prison in 1709.

The small church of St. Lawrence sits on its own, and was rebuilt in 1840 in a rather mean manner, re-using the 15th century chancel arch from the earlier church. Set in a wall beside the porch is a late 15th century tympanum (the stone which filled the head of an arch, in this case a doorway) showing two confronted wyverns. The real interest in the piece however lies in the inscriptions, reading 'Mahald de l'egele' for Matilda Eagle who presumably paid for it, and 'Alvi me feci', for the sculptor, Alvi who made it.

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