Manor Farmhouse, Yetminster, DorsetYetminster is described as the best stone-built village in the South of England and is well worth visiting. Its sleepy old fashioned feel is mostly due to its lack of through traffic.

The village is situated on the River Wriggle and everything in the centre is built from the local yellowy orange limestone, including a remarkable number of 17th century buildings, originally farm house.

St. Andrew's Church, Yetminster, DorsetIf you are a confirmed loyalist, then Yetminster is the place in which to take up residence. Six times a day the bells of the Minster of St. Andrew chime out the National Anthem The bells belong to a faceless clock, 300 years old, but it was to celebrate Queen Victoria's Jubilee that the chimes were installed. There is however one drawback, every day some one has to climb the 50 odd steps to the belfry and wind up the three movements.

Yetminster Fair has a claim to be one of the oldest street fairs in Dorset, having been started in the 13th century under a charter granted to the Bishop of Salisbury for a fair 'to be held in his manor of Yetminster'. There was a gap after the 1947 fair until it was re-started in 1975, and now it is firmly established on the second Saturday in July. It is not only one of the oldest but one of the biggest fairs.

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