William Wordsworth (1770-1850)

William Wordsworth  (1770-1850)What possible links you may ask can William Wordsworth, the 'Lakeland' poet, possible have with the southern English county of Dorset?

Wordsworth passed most of his life in England's Lake District, but for six years (1793-98) he lived in the south of England. It was in 1793, in the shadow of Dorset's two highest hills that William and his sister Dorothy could be found at Racedown Farm, near Pilsdon. It was here that he first started to write seriously, and the Pilsdon Pen consoled his sister who pined for her Lakeland Hills.

A frequent visitor was the English poet Samuel Coleridge Taylor who lived just over the border in Somerset, and it was to Somerset that the Wordsworth's moved before returning to their native Lakeland.

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